In a music industry saturated with inauthentic and unremarkable musicians, Dead West is a breath of fresh air. Dead West is a modern hard rock band, making music infused with passion and feeling. Their unique sound, growing discography, and groovy beats have been taking the rock music world by storm. Echoing the classic undertones of rock music in the eighties but with a fresh twist, Dead West manages to transport its listeners back to the golden age of rock music, whilst sounding inventive and new.

Dead West is composed of five members. Vinny Sky, Matt “Hot Rod” Peterson, Jon Mclerran,  JT Welty. Together they write, produce and sing their top hit songs which have garnered a loyal fan base and impressive critical acclaim. Heavily influenced by The Dead Daisies, Black Label Society, Tesla, Aerosmith, and Jackyl, Dead West aren’t content to merely recycle sounds of a bygone era, they choose their influential taste with surgical precision and layer them with lashings of the American Southwest to create a sound distinctly their own. It is because of this profound ability that they stand tall and proud in an industry saturated with imitators and inauthentic artists. Perhaps the greatest service that Dead West provide to their fans is originality, raw honesty and ambition - attributes that are reflected in their music. Their unmatched energy is always a treat for any crowd and their vocalist Vinny makes sure to keep every corner of the audience engaged. The music they produce is raw, original and takes the listener on a journey where they just don’t hear the music, they also feel it. Many of their songs are written about their life experiences so that fans can relate with the music. While some of them are heartfelt and masterfully crafted so the listener can delve into their own emotions, some are extremely energetic, harnessing the modern hard rock sound, infused with gritty, whiskey drenched rock n’ roll. Their hit song “Lover” is their most recent release and has received air play across the world. The video is making a mark on YouTube and it’s the first of the two song Vinyl EP, Unhitched. 

Dead West has a spectacular performance history. They were the first local band to get two Headlining shows at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ. Already having played with and supported artists of the caliber of Lita Ford, Bullets and Octane, Slaughter, LA Guns, Tom Kiefer of Cinderella, Jackyl, Kingdom Come, and mini tour with Jack Russells Great White, Dead West are not merely content to ride on the coat tails of established bands, they are ready to become one of those bands, and judging by the immense success they’ve already gotten, it’s not long before they achieve their goal.




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2 song Vinyl EP Featuring "Lover" and "How Love Really Feels" This link is only available for download codes purchased from the Vinyl sale which is available at our store

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Press Quotes

“From the sound of "Long Hard Road," their first EP, these locals would've sounded right at home on a radio landscape dominated by the likes of pre-synth ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent and early Van Halen. And unlike, say Greta Van Fleet, they spread their classic hard-rock frames of reference out enough that it feels like invoking the vibe of an era rather than, say, ripping off Led Zeppelin.””

— - Ed Masley, Arizona Republic (Oct 15, 2018)

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