Dead West Members

Vinny Sky (vocals)

Vinny Sky uses Shure Wireless Microphones, Wears Custom, Lucky 13 & Wornstar Clothing. Drinks Throat Coat Teas, Crown Royal, and Jim Beam Honey.


Connor Sutton (L/R Guitar)

Uses Gibson Guitars, EVH 5150 Amp, Marshall Cabinet, Xotic Pedals & Dunlap Pedals.

Matt " Hot Rod" Peterson (R. Guitar)

Epiphone guitars, Fender guitars. Marshall amps. Dunlop strings.  Dunlop straps. Wornstar clothing. 

Donny "Madman" Matthews (Drums)

Uses Tama Superstar classic Maple 7 piece kit with Soultone Cymbals, Remo Pinstripe heads and Diemond Star Sticks. I wear Toxxic hats! 




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